Build Your Own Pamper Package

In this great deal you get to pick and choose what you want in your Spa Package – up to 2 hours of spa indulgence.
Simply pick the amount of total time you would like to be pampered for and then when you book, YOU choose which additional 30min treatments you want to add to your 30min relaxation massage. Book in now or buy a voucher (valid for 4 months) to give away or use later.

Spa Packages

60-min for $79 = 30min massage + your choice of 1 additional treatment

90-min for $99 = 30min massage + your choice of 2 additional treatments

120-min for $119 = 30min massage + your choice of 3 additional treatments

Each Spa Package includes a 30-minute relaxation massage with optional hot stone treatment plus your choice of 30-minute treatment - see below for your options
30-minute MORE MASSAGE - relieve stress tension and fatigue throughout the body with additional relaxation massage time with the option to include a therapeutic hot stone back massage.

30-minute FACIAL - indulge the skin and senses with the best of nature and science to gently cleanse, hydrate and revitalise your skin. Uses high performance actives, antioxidants and essential skin nutrients, (including décolletage area).

30-minute BACK TREATMENT – this treatment soothes tired muscles throughout your back, neck and shoulders while rejuvenating your skin. A deep cleanse and exfoliation is achieved with anti-ageing antioxidants in the coffee scrub. Essential and nourishing coconut oils are used thru-ought your back treatment along with hot stones.

- including a coffee and coconut foot scrub, the medicinal properties and massage in this treatment will travel through your body helping to rejuvenate your health and assist the body to heal itself and expel toxins.

30-minute HAND TREATMENT - regenerate your hard working hands with this treatment that includes a therapeutic herbal and essential oil soak, a revitalising coffee and coconut scrub as well as a moisture-boosting massage of the hands and arms
This Spa Package special is for a limited time only - Call The Salon now.

How To?

To build your own spa package simply pick the amount of time you would like to be pampered for and then when you book, choose which 30 min treatments you would like to have added to your 30 min massage from the list above.

Customise your massage to suit your needs of pressure preference – light, medium, firm - as well as any problem areas you would like more time to be focussed on.

Receive an elemental persona assessment which will help determine which essential oils and windflower essences match your persona & can be used in your treatment offering a unique way of re-balancing the body, mind & spirit.