1. Massages
    Our professionally trained staff will massage away your daily stress with our signature style massage using various Asian, Indian and European techniques. Each method of massage ensures tension release, circulation enhancement and overall wellness. You will not leave bruised or in pain as a true massage should leave you relaxed and at peace with your body and soul, as we wish for all our clients.
  2. Facials
    Our facials vary in time starting from 30min. You will indulge the skin and senses with the best of nature and science using Heritage Healers products working to gently cleanse, hydrate and revitalize your skin; while the mind, body and soul is relaxed, balanced and recharged with personal wildflowers. Your expert therapist designs a facial to meet your skin's needs which will include the décolletage area. High performance actives, anti-oxidants and essential skin nutrients work to cleanse, hydrate and revitalise, as the mineral rich clays in the mask, balance and energise the skin. Your personalised natural healing therapies dissolve stress and the aromatherapy oil massage, melts away tension, leaving you totally relaxed with stress-free skin that glows with radiant health.
  3. Foot & Hand Treatments
    Your feet and hands are one of your most precious assets in life so treating them accordingly should be a priority. The Salon has several special treatments that are designed to nurture your feet and hands because they deserve the pampering. The medicinal properties in all the foot and hand treatments starting at the feet will travel through the body, rejuvenating your health and assisting the body to heal itself.
  4. Couples & Group Massage Packages
    Our couples room is now being talked about around Canberra as a wonderful way to inject just a little romance back into the relationship, balance your bodies together and go home with a totally new calm. The large, shabby chic furnished room can fit up to three massage tables to accommodate a girls day out or some quality time for mums and daughters. It is also a fun and relaxing way to start your Hens party whether you just book in for a massage or one of our specialised group bookings catered to your needs.